According to reference pharmacopoeias, Small Volume Parenteral (or SVI – Small Volume Injection) is an injection that is packaged in containers labelled as containing not more than 100 ml. 

Under the class of SVP/SVI there are, consequently, all the sterile products packaged in vials, ampoules, cartridge, syringes, bottles (or any other container that is 100 ml or less).

Ophthalmic products packaged in squeezable containers, although topically applied to the eyes (and not administered by injection), also fall under Small Volume Injections (SVI) classification.

Small Volume Parenterals

Small volume parenteral products can be formulated and packaged in several ways and include a wide range of products like biological products, allergenic extracts, liposome and lipid products, radiopharmaceutical products, genetically engineered or biotechnology products,…

SVP Vials

The injection is a preparation intended for parenteral administration and/or diluting/constituting a parenteral. Examples of preparations: drug injection, injectable emulsion, injectable suspension; drug for injection, drug for injectable suspension.


SVP preparation-Vials ampules