As a matter of fact BAGS are worldwide recognized as better quality than traditional BOTTLES:
– Since it is possible to foresee many more formats, from 50 up to 5000 ml;
– Since allow to have two independent ports;
– Since easier & cheaper to transport;
– Since do not require air vented giving sets (which are compulsory for BOTTLES and risk contaminating the solution since all giving sets are made in China);
– Since bottles are mostly made in HDPE (polyethylene) which:
     – Dos not stand 121°C during sterilization
     – Allow the solution to evaporate and therefore do not comply with the solution concentration
Bram-Cor BFIL Bags Filling
Despite this evidence, the Bram-Cor project offers safe complete systems for both the production of bags and bottles. Although the international Good Manufacturing Practices and Pharmacopoeias are the baseline to our work, in reality it is the appropriate audit of the customer’s needs that allows us to best express the plant’s opportunities and the mostly advanced technical options.

DISS Formulation tank-Processing Systems


All Pharmaceutical Facilities need to be up-dated, competitive and efficient in operation, to diversify production programs, to reduce life-cycle costs and, above all, to comply to the appropriate pharmaceutical GMP regulation.The Conceptual Design describes the general project organization; having a clear vision is to carefully consider, for example, the spaces in which employees will interact.

Plant engineering complexity must achieve procedural clarity, capable of giving life to proactive behavior, safe movement and virtuous productivity. Following the Conceptual Design, Equipment and process flow are designed to allow a logical flow in order to avoid mix-ups of components, drug product, closures, labeling, in-process materials or cross contamination.

The Detailed Engineering considers all process flows (raw materials, finished products, personnel, waste, etc.) and detailed project specifications.

Through our software we can perform all necessary simulations and recommend the best solutions. We provide a complete set of specifications in our DESIGN QUALIFICATION (DQ) protocols, which are submitted to our Customer for approval before starting the equipment construction.

Bram-Cor Turnkey Project for IV Fluids